About Us

A team working hard to showcase the Best of History & Heritage of our City…

Why HoVB ?
– HoVB ( History of Vadodara – Baroda) was made as a part of private blog in 2010, just for exploring & seeing the Old Photos & Videos anytime. Which was then made public on 12 December 2012, with a site you are viewing on 😛 .

How has it grown ?
– We had a great hit from many countries & cities from India. After an article of our site was published on Times Of India in 2013, we saw a huge grow with our social pages. The site has now crossed more than 10 lac views globally.

What are the Next Plans ?
– The main aim of this website is to give as perfect as possible info to the all the viewers. We have also made huge re-design which now is User Friendly. All videos & photos are now view-able in mobile & laptop in HQ.

Who’s beside the site ?
– The answer is all of your support & our great team, which does a lot of back-end work. You can check out ‘Team Page‘ for more details.