Vadodara’s Central Fire Station is located near sursagar lake. Arvind Rai Keshavlal Vaishnav were the first chief fire officer of Fire Brigade of Vadodara. They named this building as Agni Shaman Kendra (Agni Shanti Kendra). The building was inaugurated on 30th March 1953, by the then Prime Minister of Maharashtra, Sutariya. Arvindrai Vaishnav were presented with President’s Medal on 26th January, 1971 for his excellent services to the fire brigade.

Agni Shaman Kendra

The building is spread in 3600 sq. feet & has capacity to park 8 fire-brigade trucks at ground floor. It also has 1 office, 1 control room and 2 cabins.

The building was earlier 3 floored with a beautiful clock, but in 2013, the top floor was brought down.

Update (25 Feb 2017): The building was razed by VMC as it was in a dilapidated condition.