The 385+ year old tree, known as ‘Great Old Banyan Tree’ was planted in 1631 at GSFC. One board at GSFC tells that it has already witnessed major events like
– Visit of Portuguese Ambassador in 1638
– Gaekwads made Vadodara their Capital in 1752
– Arrival of Britishers in Vadodara in 1802
– Sayajirao III became the Ruler in 1881
– Swami Vivekanand visited Vadodara in 1892
– Arrival of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh in 1893
– Merger of Baroda State in India in 1947
– Establishment of GSFC in 1962
& in 21st century, the tree still stands erect !

A Special cover by India Post was also launched, which can be viewed here !

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