Baroda State had a bhagwa in saffron color, the first flag (or banner) during 1730.

Baroda State Flags

During 1874 – 1936

Queen Victoria granted to use flag of Princely Standard from 1875 till 1936.

This flag represented a sword held with four-fingered hand, arose from the crown like shape.

During 1936-1949

In 1936, the Princely Standard was changed with Tudor inspired Crown at top and Scimitar or Sword (Tulwar) below, which was used till 1949.

Native State Red Ensign or Mechant Flag

There was also a Native State Red Ensign used during the British Raj for the States that were not directly governed by the British, but by a local ruler through a form of indirect rule subject to a subsidiary alliance under the paramountcy of the British Crown. Baroda State had a coastline and so used versions of the red ensign on their merchant vessels.

The flag consist a mounted trooper and a scimitar and the word BARODA in white on a rectangular field of red ochre with a white margin.