Chandravadan Chimanlal Mehta, aka C.C. Mehta were born on 6th April 1901, in Surat. Chandravadan Mehta pioneered in theater & drama studies at MSU. The world celebrates ‘World Theater Day’ due to him, as he moved a resolution at International Theatre Institute under aegis of UNESCO in 1960 at Vienna conference to make 27th March as the World Theatre Day.

Chandravadan Mehta were also a great poet & also wrote Theme Song of MSU. They also insisted that only women’s should play role of women character in theater (rangbhoomi), as in that time, both Gujarati & Marathi theaters had male characters playing roles of women. After the movement, women’s from respected families started joining theater. Chandravadan Mehta died in 1992.

In city, the road from Kalaghoda to Fatehgunj has been named under C.C. Mehta.