Dak Bungalow

The Dak Bungalow is located near Sayaji Baug & about 1.5 KMs from the Railway Station. It was for temporary accommodation of travelers during 1900’s.

There was also a servant who cooked & was responsible to take care of guest & house, and also to assist travelers. The mess-man provides assist to travelers for use of cook room.

The fee for person occupying a room was Rs 1, per day. If there are 2 or more persons occupying same room, then the charge was also Rs 1!

*A Dak bungalow is government bungalow during british era. These building provide free accomodation to Government Officials or cheap lodging service to travelers who have permission. The structures are therefore sometimes also known as posthouses, resthouses, or travellers’ bungalows!

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