Videos from MovieTone

• King George 5th Visits India (No Sound)

When King George V visits India, Many Kings & Queens Pay homage including Gaekwad of Baroda.

• Gaekwad of Baroda’s Diamond Jubilee

A Rare Video of Maharaja of Baroda gaekwad seated on Stone with Maharani. Shot of Salutes being fired. Indian troops marches past. Maharaja also are being seen watching Sports.

• Viceroy & Gaekwad

A Rare Video of Maharaja of Baroda Gaekwad with Lord Willingdon. Indian beauty also are Playing & singing. State Elephant with Howdah is also seen.

• Sayajirao’s ST Leger

This Video has many Shots of Horses including Gaekwad of Baroda’s Horse – ‘Sayajirao’. Race Starts & Sayajirao is second from Rails. In End of Race, Sayajirao gets Lead & Finishes First. The Horse of Sayajirao was ridden by E Britt to Finish.

• Maharaja of Baroda Visits Bombers & Fighters Squadrons (No Sound)

In this Video, Maharaja of Baroda visits Bombers & Fighter Squadrons.

• Royal Ascot – Gold Cup Day
In this Video, Maharani of Baroda – Sita Devi is seen with Horse

Videos from BritishPathe

• Indian Derby Won by Gaekwad of Baroda’s martial Law

This is Rare Video from Bombay, India where many Horses, Riders & their Owners walk around and also there is The Gaekwad of Baroda, some Indian Personalities. The Race Starts, many people see it through thier binoculars. The Gaekwad leads & wins the Race.Date of Old Record found : 20 – 01 – 1952

• Maharani of Baroda (No Sound)

This is Rare Video from Baroda State filmed in 1926 Golden Jubilee Celebrating 50 Years of Sayajirao’s Reign. Also many dangerous Games are Played. Games like Kushti, Bull Fight, etc are being played at Arena. Many Places like Motibaug Palace, Arena, Nazarbaug Palace & Nyaya Mandir are also Shown in this Video.

Indian Story

This is Rare Video in which many Shots of Conference Rooms, Eiffel Tower, Laxmi Vilas Palace of Baroda, Arrival of Maharaja Sir Pratapsinhrao Gaekwad, Streets of Baroda are Shown.

The Great Coronation Durbar, Delhi (No Sound)

This is Rare Video from Delhi, India in which many Prince’s including HH The Gaekwad of Baroda also pays Homage to King George V & Queen Mary. The Durbar concludes with a Salute being Fired after Royal Party.

Prince & the Show Girls

This is Rare Video from Mayfair, London in which two women with a men are shown & inroduce to Gaekwad of Baroda & shaking hands with them.

UNO Indicts India

This is Rare Video from many Places. its 3rd Assembly of UNO in Paris, France. Many Places Like Bombay, Hyderabad, Baroda including Laxmi Vilas Palace, Throne Room, Close Up shot of Maharaja are shown.

• Round The World With The Pictorial Cameraman On The “Empress Of Britain”

This is Rare Video from Baroda in which various shots of Elephants splashing water on their-selves are shown. Elephant also smokes Hookah through trunk, drinks a Bottle etc.


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