General Post Office

General Post OfficeMaharaja Khanderao Gaekwad did an agreement with Britishers for opening Postal Services in Baroda State. But there was a question of where to open the Post Office, after a lot of discussion with British Officers. Later on, the Main Post Office was built at Raopura Area on 1 September 1934.

This was a huge building, built in middle of the City, having 1900 sq ft of area. The height of building is 45 ft. The Central Hall of building is large, due to rush of people going here and there. For going on second floor, there is an iron stairs, which is still erected. There were also rooms such as Post Master Room, Clerk Room, Sorting Room, etc. The British officers had been selected as Chief General Post Master, as it was only Main Post Office in Baroda State. Also Prince Dhairyasheelrao Gaekwad were given designation as Accountant General. The Building is painted in red color.

* There was also an Service in which any Post would reach Baroda State in Just 7 Days.

The Area in which building is erected was earlier an Wado of Raoji Fanse. Also earlier in Year 1863, British Officers decided to build Main Postal Office near Central Library (Mandvi) but during that time, at evening the Four Gates were closed, so the idea to build Main Post Office was withdrawn. But there was an area near Surya Narayan Temple which was given to Raoji Aapaji Fanse before 90 Years, which was later on with agreement given to build Post Office building. Later on more Branches of Post Office were built at Rajmahal Road, Makarpura Palace, etc places.

The President of Baroda Philatelic Society says that on 1st September 1934, when Post Office service was started, the window system was closed. Earlier people had to go to main office to post, but later Post Box service was started, which were placed at different places, so people can go to nearby area and post.

Today the Building stands erect after 85 Years. Its generally known as GPO (General Post Office).