Hari – Bhakti ni Haveli

The Chok at Hari - Bhakti ni Haveli

Located near Mandvi Gate, Hari-Bhakti ni Haveli (mansion) is situated in Ghadiali Pol. It is said that Haveli was made during 19th Century. The Haveli’s mansion is made up of Red & Yellow Wood. Opening inside there are three doors to the left and to the right are two doors. The gates are closed, but still were bustling 25 years ago. Heading from there, its an open area called Chok. You can see 10 wooden pillars of sesame on which the whole structure is standing. The carvings on this pillars are also must see.

The Chok: The experience of standing on chok and seeing the artistic pillars and Doors are still amazing.

The Pot: There is a Brass Pot in chok, which can encapsulate 200 ltrs of water.

The Arch: The colors of wood,even older than 200 years are still intact.

Doors-Windows: The doors and windows in Haveli are also still intact, but some part of it are closed.

Who were Hari and Bhakti?
According to one of their family members, Hari-Bhakti were from Mandodhar Village near Vadodara. They gone Pune to try their luck and they earned a lot there. Then after, when Era of Gaekwad’s begun in Vadodara, they made a big Haveli in Ghadiali Pol area. They were doing business of mortgage.

The Current condition of Haveli is worse. Nearly before 2 years, few part of the Haveli were brought down as of its old build.

It is also said that this Haveli had more doors and windows. The Best part was its Stairs, in which only one person could pass at a time. And the opening of the stairs in the room next to the room was small. The mansion was also involved with another 3 mansions. At that time, there were also secret rooms in Haveli.