Heading from Raopura, there is a Big Red Building which sometimes put you in thought that What it is. Its the Kothi Building which is only Building in city built in Scottish Style. Earlier here Baroda State ran its secretariat. This building or so called monument to late Maharaja’s closeness with Britain’s Queen Victoria, was most important building in era of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III.

Kothi building was built in Year 1922, and was inspired from Balmoral Castle of Scotland. The Story on building goes like:
Once Queen Victoria invited Maharaja Sayajirao to stay at Balmoral Castle. Maharaja Sayajirao accepted her invitation and visited the Castle in Year 1887. Maharaja was very impressed with Castle’s Grandeur and its Architecture. Maharaja decided to build similar Structure back Home in Baroda. Maharaja then returned Baroda and got Architect A H Coyle to build the Kothi Building. It cost Rs 4 lac’s and building was spread over 80,000 square-feet.

Kothi, Vadodara (Baroda)

The Sloppy or Higher Ground on which building stands, adds to its brilliance. Known as Seat of Power, The Maharaja and Diwan of Baroda sat in this 40-Room building which has/had a DharaSabha Hall and Royal Chamber. The building was renovated before 12 Years. The Building behind this, is known as Old Kothi which was built for administrative Offices in Year 1890.

Source: The Times of India
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