The Mobile Palace of Maharaja Sayajirao (Now – Maharani Chimnabai Ladies Club) is located besides the Bird Zoo at Sayaji Baug (Kamati Baug). It is approximately 125 foot tall & 50 foot wide Royal Blue colored building. The Palace has 1 big room and 2 small rooms. Also it had kitchen an 2 small facility rooms which are still there. The doors & windows are designed in Maratha style. 100+ Years Old, this building is made of wooden structure and a board plate “Chimnabai Club” is hanging on it’s main door. This was a Mobile Structure (Pavilion) and was used by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III when they went to Delhi.

Delhi Pavilion is original name of this building. It was made for Maharaja’s camp at Delhi Durbar. It was designed in a way that it can be taken to Delhi & then brought back to Baroda. This structure used to be decorated with small lamps. It is being told that, During Delhi Durbar, people from Delhi used to visit this beautiful building to see it decorated at night. Now after many years, it is now placed on a permanent structure.

• Chimnabai Ladies Club

After a visit to Delhi Dubar by Royal Family, people used this structure as a Club. But after many years, Maharani Sahantadevi for discussing various topics on women empowerment, education etc made this place as a Ladies Club. Today it is a Chimnabai Ladies Club, whose president is Rajmata. There are 35-50 members in this Club, but still the Building is in very tidious condition.

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