Malti Baug

In year 1890’s, when construction of Baroda College (now MSU) & its campus was being done, many bungalows were also built. One of the bungalow is Malti Baug (Bungalow), which is situated near Gulab Baug.

The bungalow was once used by Baroda State’s Main Education Officer’s residence. The bungalow has big 8 rooms, 2 kitchens & 4 big balconies. As of visitors, there are 4 entrances to the bungalow. Plants of Madhumalti (Rangoon creeper) were roped opposite to the bungalow, which is why it is called as Malti Baug. Also the officer who stayed here, whose girl’s name was also Malti.

The building is styled in colonial architecture, inspired from European construction. After independence, the bungalow was given to engineers as a place of residence.