Nawab Manzil which was the family home of the then Nawab of Baroda, is situated at Nawab Wada near Raopura Tower. It was an opulent home, sprawling & spacious with staffs like cooks, valets, sweepers, accountants & secretaries.

Nawab Manzil is 3 floored wada with an impressive architecture. There is main high wooden gate from which one has to enter the Wada. This wooden gate was supported by wooden pillars, in yellow & green colors. In old time there was a courtyard & gardens, which is now not there.

When the Maratha Gaekwads conquered Baroda and defeated the Nawabs, a treaty was entered into which entitled the Nawabs to substantial land ownership that included a number of villages. These holdings were scattered all over Gujarat and brought in a considerable income.

During 4 generations back of Sayajirao, Malharrao Gaekwad’s brother asked Peshwas to help. For this Senapati Nawab Kamaluddin had come with army. Malharrao’s brother & army fought near Dabka, in which brother of Malharrao lost, for which the Nawab was added in Gaekwad’s army & the Nawab was titled as Senapati.

A Palace was made for Nawab in jungle, in 1816, which is currently on Raopura Road & is known as Nawab Wada.

It is said that Nawab Wada was place where punishment was sentenced to a jailer.

Partial Source: India of the Past

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