Before 120+ Years, Baroda State (now Vadodara City) had a Well-Planned Drainage Networking System. The City was Well Planned with Vent-Shaft (Steel Pipes indicating Directions) at every 500 meters. As there is drainage line, some Gas are produced in which Vent-Shaft was used as a Gas Exit way. These type of Pipes are Still running in Major Areas and can be found in Old City Areas.

It is also said that there is 800 KMs of routes of Drainage, under the City.

After seeing this type of Drainage System Development in Vadodara, Royal Nizams of Hyderabad also installed Pipeline Drainage Systems in their State.

* Only Vadodara had Underground and Well-Planned Drainage Line in Whole India before 115+ (1894) Years.

Many Pipes in City Areas have ‘Kala Bhavan’ written at bottom of it. Which may Mark that it was built there!

What is Vent-Shaft?

Vent-shaft is a ~6 ft high Cast Iron Pipe which is joined with Underground Drainage. It is used as exit way for Drainage Gas.
This Pipe has an Arrow indicating direction in which the Drain is going. It has 4 Mouth on top of Pipe from where the Gas Exits in Atmosphere.