Standing tall on bridge over river Vishvamitri, there is a domed pillared shaped cenotaph (Chhatri made up of Stones) like structure, on left side of road. This chhatri was made by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad for his father’s memorial (remembrance). It is Cenotaph (Samadhi) of Sayajirao (Gopalrao)’s father, Kashirao Gaekwad. When they ordered construction of Umbrella, they were only of 14 Years. This umbrella is known as ‘Chhatri’ only.

Made from Saurashtra’s stone, it is compiled and styled in indo-sarcenic. The Chhatri has 8 foot tall eight columns. Each column has inner two layers which make an angle, which is why its shape is octagonal. The main entrance is from North side. Also it has more seven entrance but they have been closed with artificial lattice of 5 foot.

Stone Chhatri - Memorial of Father

The Gumbaj or Dome at top of eight column is Rajput Styled. The carvings of pillars are amazing. The design from inside of pillars is pretty amazing. It has sunflowers carving which draws special attention.

After 137 Years, the yellow stone has been somewhat turned blacked. The chatri was placed during Festival Committee. It was only Maharaja’s wish to put Chhatri near Kala Ghoda.

A clog of Kashirao Gaekwad was also putted inside it plus a taratikta was also there. The clog was intact till 1990, but later it was stolen.