Ustad Maula Bakhsh (1833-1896) were born in Bhiwani (Haryana) & came to Baroda on the invitation of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III. On 26 February, 1886 a Music College (now Faculty of Performing Arts, MSU) was established where Ustad Maula Bux were conferred as the first Principal.

Ustad Maula Baksh were also known as Chole, was considered to be one of the finest singers in North India. He was maestro in Carnatic style of music also. He also played the Rudra Veena with impeccable expertise. He took the opportunity to preside as the Principal of Music Collage and formulated a system of imparting musical education on an institutional level. He took pains to develop a special system of musical notes that can be written down and used to teach the students. He also wrote a number of pieces on Music that is now a part of academic curriculum at music colleges around the country. Under his watchful eyes, he trained his grandson, who later went on to become the popular Sufi saint and singer par excellence Inayat Khan.

Maula Baksh always remained open experimentation in the field of performing art. In fact, it was this willingness to creativity that attracted the Maharaja towards Ustad Maula Baksh. After Ustad Maula Baksh departed to his heavenly abode in 1896, the Maharaja extended his patronage to the Ustad’s young musician son Allauddin. He encouraged Alluddin to visit Europe to research on the convergence of western classical and Indian Music. On returning back, Alluddin complained of gastronomic illness and was relegated to court duties. Hence Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III laid the seeds of Fusion music and convergence of Indo- Western style of music, another great example of the King’s foresightedness and visionary prowess.

*Ustad Maula Baksh were court musician with Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad, who then went to Mysore Darbar but on invitation from Maharaja Sayajirao, returned to Baroda where he established Gayan Shala (Music College).

His tradition of teaching was kept alive by his grandson Ustad Inayat Khan, and later by Ustad Faiyaz Khan who was a teacher in the music college.

The surname of Ustad Maula is written in many different type: Bakhsh, Baksh, Bax or Bux