Baroda Pearl Carpet is almost 5 ft 8 inch x 8 ft 8 inch, made up of strings of pearls & diamonds. The carpet is embroidered with ~50000 Basra Pearls & embellished with diamonds, sapphires, rubies & emeralds.

“The most incredible carpet ever created by human hand, the famous Pearl Carpet of Baroda is a diamond-and-pearl-encrusted treasure.”

It is said that the Maharaja Khanderao Gaekwad reputedly intended to give this as a gift to adorn tomb of the Prophet Mohammad in Medina, but the gift was never delivered as the Maharaja died before the donation could be made.

The design of carpet appears to be of Mughal tradition forming three arches, each above large diamond filled roundel. It also resembles shawl or carpet of pearls – ‘tippet’ at Teheran.

Baroda Pearl Carpet (Detailed View)

During the auction on March 19 2009, an anonymous buyer who bid by telephone eventually bought the Baroda Pearl Carpet for $5.5 million

Source: Sothebys
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