Bhaskar Vitthal Wada, located at Dandia Bazaar is known for its wooden pillars, huge entrances & ornate brackets. It was built by the then Deewan of Baroda State – Bhau Bhaskar Vitthal Khasgiwale, during the reign of Govind Rao Gaekwad (1739-1800). The Wada is, therefore named after him and was also used as his residence for few years. Bhau Bhaskar Vitthal was also responsible for the collection of revenue of the Baroda State.

The majority of the Wada is constructed out of wood. It is believed that the Wada, when it was constructed, had 6 floors in total. Out of the 6, 3 floors were demolished or removed due to their poor condition. The Wada, at one point of time, was also utilized as a school but due to the poor condition of the Wada, people were forced to shun the Wada.

‘Hathi Pol’, located just behind the Wada, was named after Dewan’s (Bhau Bhaskar Vitthal) elephants as his elephants were stabled there.

The poor condition of the Wada led to the demolition of one of its part/portion 5 years ago.

Currently, the Wada is in a very poor and deteriorating condition and needs due attention & restoration.