Gulab Baug

After the construction of Lukshmi Villas Palace, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad built many bungalows for state executives. One of the bungalow is Gulab Baug (Bagh), situated opposite of Sayaji Baug. Classes of MRID (Maharaja Ranjitsinh Institute of Design) are taken here. This royal bungalow was made for Baroda State’s Main Civil Surgeon’s residence. But after many years, residence house was shifted to Dhanvantari Bungalow. The bungalow was also residence of MSU’s pro vice-chancellors.

Gulab Baug lies in 3000 sq-foot area. The bungalow has dispensary room, store room & a drawing room on the ground floor, which were made according to necessary of surgeon’s. The upper floor has 4 big halls & 3 bathrooms. Small steps are put outside the bunglaow, so one can get on upper floor quickly. The bungalow is made from wood & bricks. There is also a kitchen room, which is joint from one side to bungalow.

When this bungalow was being built, the garden outside it was made, which only grows Roses (Gulab), so the bungalow was named as Gulab Baug.