Indumati Palace

Indumati Palace (Mahal)

Indumati Palace (Mahal) is a Palace located just opposite to Lukshmi Villas Palace, Vadodara (Baroda). The Palace had very rare photographs of Royal Gaekwad Family and historic books. This 1880 brick building is named after Maharaja Sayajirao Gekwad IIIs daughter, Indumati, and now has the personal offices of the Gaekwad family. It is a typical Maratha-styled wada.

Earlier, the Ganesh Sthapna of the Royal Family used to be done here at Indumati Palace, so it was a important building for the Gaekwad Family. The Building has some very nice touch of Peshwa and Mughal Style Architecture.

In Olden days, whenever Maharaja leaved from Lukshmi Villas Palace on a Savari, they were saluted with 11 Gun. Indumati Mahal was home to Tope (Guns) which were used to give salute to Maharaja.

*The Palace is now owned by Alaukika Trading Company (ATC).

There were also 2 well known Bungalows – Ashok Bungalow and Ashok Bungalow, but are in very bad conditions.

Update:  The Post has been Updated.
As of the Property dispute, Indumati Palace (Mahal) is now property of Sangramsinh Gaekwad. Son of Sangramsinh, Pratapsinhrao said that Palace will be refurbished completely and also has some plans of nearby 6 acres of land.
The 2 Bungalows are now no more as they have been demolished.