In Year 1909, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III went to America with Maharani Chimnabai II. Where Maharani saw variety of professional training and gaining self-employment, living a good life. After this visit, Maharani also wanted Women’s of Baroda to train and gain self-employment. It’s beginning was started with 3 students, as an institution in 1914 at Lallu Bahadur’s Haveli near Mandvi Gate. Later they opened a Organization in Year 1934 which is well-known as Shree Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya.

It is situated near Sursagar Lake. The building’s construction is in Parsi Style. It is also known as Zenana Girls School. The Building stands on a very good air-ventilation as of Sursagar Lake nearby. On first floor, there are 3 small and 3 big rooms as well as 4 big rooms on ground floor, which are still erected. There is more than 80 small-big windows. There is also a Big Entrance Gate which is opened from Sursagar Lake side.

Today also, many women’s still take training in this building. Dress Making, Hand Embroidery, Computer, Beauty Parlor, Block Printing etc are trained here. Photographs of Maharani Chimnabai, Padmavati Gaekwad and Women Collaborators can also be seen here.

Construction of the building began around Year 1932. At that time Vadodara was spreaded with Plague and other diseases. Special instruction was given to the architect and contractor, as of building was constructed in breezy style. The Contractor was Sheth Kavasji Faramji. Modern Brick and mortar was used to construct the building.

Today building is still erected and is in Good Condition. The Main Gate of Building is kept close. This organization is now 100+ Years Old, helping women to train and gain self-employment.

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